The company S.M. Impianti is registered in the Companies Register No. 81678 and n. 6944 the Court of Syracuse. It was established right at the end of the 80s and found himself facing a very favorable environment for the development of plant engineering sector.
After the advent of the Act of March 5, 1990, No. 46, regarding the safety of installations, the company, with the application of that Act, made record levels of growth management and specialized very high.
Following this current sectoral development, the desire for entrepreneurship coupled with technical expertise that is the direction of the workforce, leading to increased production of work.

The S.M. Impianti is therefore acquiring its proper insertion of the first major orders, making air conditioning and fire protection, in favor of different clients in both public and private. Consolidated its market position in the public and private, as a company with strong technical and operational capabilities in the field of installations, the SMImpianti in the first half of the nineties is also inserted in the industry by becoming the first orders of business: SASOL, ISAB, ENI, SINDYAL, etc.. part of the Petrochemical Pole of Priolo (SR) and Augusta (SR), as well as companies in the pharmaceutical sector: WYETH based in Catania, demonstrating in the highly technical and specialized, their technical and operational functionality.

We have recently secured major contracts in the industrial plant in the petrochemical plants NORTH and SOUTH and ISAB ERG and PRIOLO POWER SERVICES, all group companies ERG SPA located in the Priolo Gargallo (SR), namely we have been awarded the contract of "Maintenance of fire protection equipment" at major sites including this in the pre-fabrication mechanical, piping, structural controls and electro instrumental. In this context, we recently completed some work in the field of firefighting who have further demonstrated organizational and operational capacity. Were also made technological systems of different types and purposes that can show better than described. Their list will be developed following an order of distribution for each particular location.